Dec 14th 2015, 10:02

Danish gypsy brewer Mikkeller have been hard to avoid over the last few years and truly spearhead the global craft beer industry with playful and experimental beers that push boundaries left right and centre. If you’ve got an amazing idea for a beer just check Mikkeller’sseventeen page long ratebeer list first ‘cause it’s probably already been made. We’re really quite pleased to be bringing a huge range of Mikkeller beers into the UK.

From strong stouts to sours to frighteningly good IPAs, Mikkeller appeals to the collector in all of us with series of beers based around a single idea – like sour beer? Well there’s a sour with every fruit you can imagine AND one thatincludes the lot? Barrel aged you say? Mikkeller has been on of the most forward thinking breweries in the world in experimenting with barrel aging in every form of wood that once held booze and they don’t think twice about adding different yeasts, fruit, weasel coffee or whatever takes their fancy in as well.


Not having an actual brewery hasn’t stopped Mikkeller from becoming one of the world's most respected brewers and in fact it has allowed flexibility and breadth of experimentation really take hold. Mikkeller pretty much invented the collaboration beer by virtue of travelling the world using other people’s breweries to produce some classic brews.


In addition Mikkeller has been able to sell beer across the world and pave the way for a unique and truly global bar chain as well. With lovely, forward thinking branding and an air of general coolness you can’t go wrong with stocking a few of Mikkeller’s finest…

Matt @briggatebeer

mikkeller americandream bottle